Heurigen are wine taverns with outdoor seating – and a favorite Viennese summer tradition

Parents and other family members are welcome and encouraged to join us for the International Olympiad of Austrian Culture in Summer 2024! There will be additional sightseeing and cultural opportunities, including some specifically meant for small children (e.g. additional visits to the Prater, children’s museums, Vienna’s top playgrounds, and beaches and swimming pools.

Other events that we are considering to help organize for parents include:

-Complimentary Parents’ reception with Austrian wine and cheese tasting
-Seeing the Lipizzaner Horses perform at the Spanish Riding School
-Fine dining opportunities in Vienna
-Opera and theater performances and tours of the Vienna State Opera House
-Day trip to Budapest
-Visits to Viennese vineyards, the Ottakringer Brewery, and evening visits to biergartens and the Heurigen in Grinzing
-Additional walking and bus tours
-Full day Danube river cruise
-Visit to the Roman baths, spa, and casino at Baden bei Wien
-Golf, tennis, and hiking in the foothills of the Alps
-Reception at the American Embassy

Baden is home to one of Europe’s most elegant casinos and ancient thermal baths

Parents will also be able to watch certain events at the Olympiad, including the nightly medals ceremonies. Parents can also take part in certain competitive and non-competitive events at the same time as their children. Some of the competitive events will have a Parents Division as well (e.g. the Apfelstrudel Bake-Off, and Tanzen mit den Sternen). Much will also depend on the timing of special events and festivals in Vienna that will be going on in Summer 2024. Feel free to peruse the internet and let us know if there are other experiences and tours you’d be interested in seeing us help organize.